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September 2004, Issue 05

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LINZ will be demonstrating e-survey live at the October Trans Tasman Survey Conference in Auckland. With the conference theme 'focus on BUSINESS', LINZ will be on hand to demonstrate e-survey as a service with distinct benefits for survey firms.

We invite you to our display stand demonstrations where Landonline specialists will be on-hand to answer all your questions on e-survey.  Judging from the feedback we received from surveyors who attended our recent demonstration in Cromwell, this is a valuable opportunity for you to get face-to-face with our e-survey specialists.

Information packs will be available at the display stand for you to take away. These packs include technical and service support information, as well as a computer-based training CD you can use to familiarise yourself with e-survey in your own time.

LINZ is also participating in key topic presentations covering various subjects, including:

  • LINZ's strategic direction, including all of Government and e-delivery excellence
  • The concept of optimal regulation, an area of keen interest for surveyors
  • The consultation, design, development and testing of e-survey digital lodgement
  • The prioritisation framework used for scheduling enhancements and improvements to the Landonline system, and on future development issues
  • LINZ service, support and training delivery for e-survey customers

For a break between sessions, why not visit our e-survey demonstration display stand in the main hall.  Our team will provide demonstrations at the breaks in the schedule (or when it suits you), so we look forward to seeing you there.

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Category: Landonline

Service Pack 2 (SP2), the newest upgrade release for the Microsoft XP operating system  is now available for downloading.  LINZ technical experts have tested SP2 for compatibility with Landonline and found no issues.

See this article for a basic list of the changes you can expect when you update your system with SP2:

One feature of the SP2 is a default setting to give you control of what websites you allow your computer to access.  A pop-up box appears asking you to permit or deny your access each time you go to a new web address.  This lets your system administrator set the accessible sites for your network or individual PC's.   You should ensure that the Landonline and LINZ websites are set as permitted.

LINZ recommends using a qualified technical advisor when upgrading to Windows SP2.

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Category: Landonline

It is now almost two years since the first digital certificates were issued and if you were one of the original Landonline users, it is likely that your annual renewal is due in the next month or so.

The LINZ Registration Authority will be contacting you from the end of September onwards with advance notice of the annual renewal process.

The emails from the Registration Authority will explain all the steps you need to take to renew your digital certificate. If you are contacted but are no longer using Landonline and do not need to renew your digital certificate, please let the Registration Authority know by responding to their emails.

Every person using Landonline must have their own digital certificate; one person - one certificate. This is so we can always tell who is accessing the system, and is a way of detecting unauthorised intruders. As a registered user of Landonline you are accessing a secure site and have accepted the security measures put in place to protect your access and the computer register itself. You must not share your digital certificate.

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Landwrap's June edition covered events held in the main centres around the country to introduce Landonline's improved customer support initiatives for e-dealing and e-survey, including the new website.

Due to the popularity of these events, and requests for more by customers who were unable to attend, LINZ is organising more events for other locations – the first of these were held in Queenstown and Cromwell in late August, with more scheduled for Nelson and Blenheim in early October.

In Queenstown, Brendan Boyle, Chief Executive, led the presentation to lawyers on LINZ's direction and its improvements to customer support services.  Lawyers from around the region then received a live demonstration of e-dealing and were introduced to the new workflow guidance documentation (see related article) jointly prepared by the NZLS and LINZ.  The event was well attended and expert LINZ staff were on hand to answer a range of in-depth questions about e-dealing and workflow guidance.

The Cromwell event for surveyors - with a full house turnout - focused on e-survey and included a short presentation by Neil Pullar of Cadastre Limited, who is being sponsored by LINZ to provide a limited programme of e-survey training for surveyors at no cost (see related article). New initiatives to support surveyors adopting e-survey were presented and information packs containing sign-up and support information as well as an e-survey computer-based training CD were taken away by the enthusiastic crowd. 

Jeff Needham, a surveyor in the LINZ team, demonstrated the functions and features of e-survey live, with the aim of demystifying e-survey for practicing surveyors.  This was followed by an open Q&A session, with the LINZ e-survey specialists providing detailed responses to surveyors' questions.

LINZ has increased its resources for the 0800 e-survey and e-dealing specialist support capability and this initiative was introduced at the events.   The 0800 support team can now provide faster, more effective assistance for both e-dealing and e-survey customers.

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Category: Landonline News

Here are a few of the most commonly requested documents by e-dealing and e-survey customers:

e-dealing customers

e-survey customers

Save time! Use the Contact Us web form for emailing enquiries

Many customers are discovering the benefits of using this email method for making enquiries instead of using the 0800 line.  It's an efficient way to save you time spent on the phone for a non-urgent enquiry.  Please note though that the comment box is limited to 1000 characters, approx 120-130 words.  It will let you keep typing past this limit and an error message will only appear when you hit the submit button. So keep your enquiry short and to the point. 

When and how to request Urgency

You can request urgency on a dealing or survey plan if LINZ processing has taken longer than the timeframes set out in the annual performance standards. 

LINZ can only apply urgency to those lodgements that have not met these timeframes as urgency granted to "current work" would unfairly disadvantage other work that was lodged earlier.

If you wish to apply for urgency, please apply in writing to your local LINZ Processing Centre Manager.  Please include details of the plan or dealing number, the lodging firm and the date lodged.

Weekly survey and title processing times are reported in the National Production Report show the percentage of lodgements being processed within the designated timeframes.

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In 2003, LINZ introduced a Priority Lodgement Fee of $20 per instrument to ensure that priority dealings are given a lodgement time indicating the actual time and date the lodgement is made.   

The Priority Lodgement Fee does not give urgency to processing the dealing i.e. it does not short circuit the normal registration process. 

Priority Lodgements are only accepted in person, at our counters.  If you are using a courier or lodgement agency, you will need to instruct them to request Priority Lodgement and to lodge the dealing in person.   

Dealings sent by post or entered in the drop box will not be accorded Priority Lodgement, even if the fee is included.  Please note that dealings left on the counter will be entered in the drop box.

Dealings that arrive by mail, or are lodged in LINZ drop boxes, are given a lodgement time of 9.00 am on the following business day.  If it's important that your dealing has priority over another dealing that may be lodged, then you should consider using the Priority Lodgement option.

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Category: Landonline News

Our processing staff would like to let customers know what to 'request the issue of' when Transferring Accessory Units under the Unit Titles Act. Where an accessory unit is transferred independently of a principal unit (pursuant to s10 Unit Titles Act 1952), the instrument of transfer must contain a request for the issue of:

  • A new title to include the accessory unit in the title for the principal unit
  • A new title must also be requested to replace the balance title from which the accessory unit was transferred.

The new title fee of $106 is payable for each new title that is requested.

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Category: Regulatory News

The Australasian Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping (ICSM) has established an ePlan Working Group to develop standards for the digital lodgement of cadastral survey data.

The ePlan Working Group is planning on holding its next meeting at Rydges Hotel, Auckland, 11-13 October 2004, immediately prior to the Trans Tasman Surveyors Conference, 13-16 October 2004, being held at the Auckland Skycity Convention Centre.

The working group, led by Queensland, comprises of survey and title representatives from New Zealand and each Australian state and territory. New Zealand's experience with Landonline is beneficial to this project and conversely this project will benefit future enhancements to New Zealand's digital lodgement process and other data transfer, data visualisation, and data integration initiatives.

Industry groups with an interest in standards for the transfer of cadastral survey data have been invited to participate in this project. This could involve attendance at meetings (teleconference and/or face to face), commenting on proposals by email or a watching brief.

New Zealand is promoting the adoption of LandXML as the standard for the transfer of cadastral survey data (with some additions to cover Australian requirements). The adoption of this international standard will provide for stronger vendor support and facilitate future enhancements.

For more information about the work of the group or how to participate please contact:
Mack Thompson – Email: Tel: (04) 4983508

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Titles News

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LINZ's senior e-dealing specialist was run-off her feet demonstrating the ins and outs of e-dealing at the Auckland Property Law Conference recently.

e-dealing user support specialist Julie Gillatt says, "We ran three to four sessions a day each lasting up to 45 minutes. It was a buzz that so many people took time out from networking over lunch and tea breaks to check out our demonstrations, ask questions, and see how they could get up and running with a single party transaction and onward."

Audiences wanted to see the nitty-gritty of how Landonline e-dealing works, with several lawyers coming back two or three times for more.

The feedback from many lawyers was that they were about to get on board with e-dealing and were just getting their offices ready for the transition.  They were also enthusiastic about the new workflow guidance documentation now available on the NZLS Property Law Section’s website.

Julie says the LINZ team fielded a lot of questions on exceptions, transfers and A & I forms, all of which were answered on the spot.  And a very popular question was – which law firms are e-dealing already?

LINZ thanks all the conference attendees who took the time to see our demonstrations. If you left your business card or a referral with us, an e-dealing specialist will be following up with you shortly.

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Registrations for the limited no-cost e-survey training are flowing in thick and fast. Landwrap reports that one surveyor even offered an additional incentive to get a Cadastre Limited trainer to their workplace – yummy biscuits.

With more than 110 registrations received so far, a regional schedule for Cadastre Limited is being planned before they start scheduling in individual firms. If you've registered, expect a call in the next month or so.

LINZ's Jeff Needham says, "Because of the level of interest and because we want to offer this limited training programme to as many firms as possible, we need to limit the number of people each firm can have trained."

While the training schedule is being organised, Jeff suggests surveyors take the time to ensure they're ready to get the most out of the training. "Surveyors should get ready before the trainers arrive on-site. Become familiar with the functionality in e-survey by working through the computer-based training CD and reserve a simple survey to be trained on.  What the trainers want to see when they turn up at a firm is surveyors who are ready to take their understanding of e-survey to the next level."

A significant number of firms have upgraded their licenses to e-survey since the call for registrations, making sure they have the licence prerequisite.

A reminder if you are scheduled for training: you need the correct software already installed and you need to have completed the computer-based training CD before the trainer arrives at your firm.

Scheduled training starts in October and runs through to December.

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